Books by Denise Daisy

Enjoy a good story? Then grab my book and get lost in the adventure!

The Moonshine Series is back and with the return is the release of book number three, The Storyteller's Secret. In this third installment of the Moonshine Series you will discover,

  • Who the woman is that sings the haunting song that no one hears but Bronwyn.
  • Who knew about the book all along and buried it on the Elwell property.
  • A BIG secret concerning Abaddon’s relationship with Bronwyn.
  • What secret Jacob told Bethany before he died.
  • What big secret Falcon is keeping from everyone
  • What exactly is the N.E.S.S.T.
  • And most importantly, where has Bronwyn been for six-hundred years.

Enjoy the secret! And thank you for your love of the story!!

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