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Quotes I tend to determine how much I like a book by how much sleep I forfeit and how much my productivity decreases while reading said book. Let's just say I didn't get much sleep nor did I get much done while reading "The Secrets of Moonshine". ......It was intriguing, entrancing, and exciting. A fantastic start to a book series that promises to have its readers anxious for each instillation to be released. Keep up the amazing writing, Denise. You are OUR Bronwyn; a gifted scribe, whose destiny it is to bring to life a beautiful, rich story that shines light into the dark. I can't wait to find out what happens next!!! Quotes
Maranda Jo says...
Shining light into the dark

Quotes Intrigue, suspense, romance, and life like imagery add intense color to every page of this author's creation. This captivating storyline has what it takes to hook the reader for an uninterrupted read, despite barriers such as sleep, work or food needs. I found myself shirking necessary duties to continue reading at all costs. I highly recommend this book. The only drawback is that the book ends. I predict The Secrets of Moonshine will be a smashing success! Quotes
CelH says...
This book has it all

Quotes Ms Parton's book , "The Secret of Moonshine" , is one of the most enthralling stories I have ever read. From the first paragraph till the last page, I was pulled into the saga. I didn't want it to end; and in fact, cannot wait for the next of the series. Quotes
Karen says....
A beguiling story

Quotes After reading the secrets of moonshine, I could not wait to get my hands on another book by the lovely, phenomenally talented Denise Parton.. The Haret has not left me disappointed, I finished it within 2 days because I could not bare the thought of putting it down. Denise don't leave us hanging with the 2nd piece ;) because I never want it to end, immediately I am swept away in her reads, the suspense and mystery plus a side of romance will leave you on the edge of your seat, thank you Denise for allowing us into the creative world that you've created!! Quotes
Luvis1Cor13 says...
Denise has sone it again!

Quotes This is a great book. I was reading it on my Nook (can I say that here)? I got to a page and kept hitting the button to turn the page and it wouldn't turn. I looked to see what the problem was and it was the last page! I can't wait for the sequel. It will keep you hooked from page one to the last page, I promise! Quotes
Cookie says...
Great Novel...I loved it!

Quotes I have read hundreds of paranormal/scifi romance novels over the years and have never once felt compelled to write a review....until now. Denise Parton was able to capture my attention with both imagery and dialogue. The imagery depicted in Moonshine was nothing less than luscious. Not only the descriptions of the various locations but also the soul-searing descriptions of character encounters. The dialogue was engaging and the intrigue kept me reading on into the night. I would have liked a steamy encounter in this first book but Ms. Parton's writing has reminded me that anticipation, much like a musical pause, makes the crescendo that much more grand. I eagerly await your next endeavor Ms. Parton! You Go Girl! Quotes
KKelton says....
You Go Girl!

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