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The Walking Dead

Posted by Denise Daisy on November 24, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Yesterday I attended my Great Aunt Dot’s funeral. She lived to be 93 years old and then her life here, on this planet ended. As in all funerals and memorials there is a reflection of the life lived here. Who the person was, who they married, who they brought into the world, what they did while they were here and who they left behind.

It was a wet and windy Sunday as we stood in the cemetery, honoring her life and returning her to the earth. I looked around at the other grave markers. The name Christenberry, my mother’s side of the family, was engraved on several of the tomb stones. I got a rundown on the family history on the ride home. The funny stories, the tragic ones and the hard life many of them endured while living through the great depression and other such adversities. I started thinking about life here on earth, and then I contemplated, what is death? Most times, we think of death as the ending of the time we live here. But I am wondering if death really means, the time we live here. Could death actually be first and after death is life? After all, it is called the “afterlife.” I think death is actually the time we spend on the cold hard earth, always wanting, always striving but never quite being fulfilled. Searching for true love, and though you may find comfort in the arms of someone else, that love fades into a kind of status quo, never quite fulfilling the desire that once was. Friends come and go, you work all your days with some accomplishments, but again never being fulfilled, always searching for that perpetual hope…until the end. Solomon figured this out in Ecclesiastes. I think, I know now what death really is. This earthly life is our death. You see, life was never supossed to end but the moment Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they died to real life. They were expelled, and removed from the Tree of LIFE and sent to earth. The communing with God, walking with God in the heavens was over. Death is separation from God. Now, there was no more walking with God in the cool of the day. Now they had to work hard, tilling the ground and carving out some kind of existance. This was death, and this separation had to be defeated so we could return to life and be with God and LIVE, forever! So in a sense, we are the walking dead.

I believe my Great Aunt,Dorothy Johnson, is now alive, having defeated death, she went back and now she lives, with Him forever.

Pretty cool if you ask me.


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